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#11660099 Oct 21, 2015 at 12:13 PM
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Ok, parece que existiam uns rumores nos fórums acerca de as contas banidas em Maio afinal estarem banidas permanentemente, por isso decidi falar com a Blizzard e afinal parece que nao.

Foi a primeira vez que a Blizzard baniu contas temporariamente por 6 meses, por isso usam as mesmas mensagens que quando a conta está perma banned, mas as contas banidas serao reactivadas dia 13 de Novembro.

Além disso, as contas nao sofreram alteracao nenhuma, ou seja, tudo o que os chars tinham nas bags/banco/etc. continuará lá, da mesma forma - incluindo o gold! A única coisa que eventualmente terá desaparecido é o mail que tenham eventualmente recebido porque o mail desaparece ao fim de 30 dias. Se tinham cenas na AH que foram vendidas entretanto, provavelmente perderam.

Abaixo está o transcript da conversa com a Blizzard Support:

General Info
Chat start time Oct 21, ***** 12:00:37 PM GMT
Chat end time Oct 21, ***** 12:06:58 PM GMT
Duration (actual conversation time) 00:06:21
Representative Nadjecks
Blizzard Support - Chat Transcript
Info: Welcome to live chat with Blizzard Support! A representative will be with you shortly.
Current average wait time is approximately 0 minutes and 24 seconds.Please wait for a site operator to respond.
Info: You have been connected with Nadjecks.
Info: ** Please only submit credit card information in a provided Secure Form. **
Nadjecks: Hello!
Nadjecks: Just checking your ticket now :)
you: sure, thanks
Nadjecks: Ok, yes I can confirm it's a 6 month suspension, it will end on the 13th of November
you: oh ok, so this is a case where the messages are wrong?
you: both ingame and in account management
Nadjecks: Well it is classified as a "ban" in our systems, there just hasnt been any ones which werent permanent before now, so it uses the same messaging
you: I see
you: then might be a good idea to submit a ticket to create such messages, although I reckon it would be pretty low priority one for devs :)
you: while we're here, you mind if I ask another question related to the banned account?
Nadjecks: Feel free, if I can answer, I will :)
you: ok, will any of the account content be changed?
you: as in, chars deleted, gold/items/etc deleted?
you: or is it back to how it was in May 13th ***** at the time of ban?
Nadjecks: It will be as it was at the time of the ban
you: ok, that's it then
you: much appreciated for your support
you: definitely a much better experience than my previous 3 or 4 interactions with support
you: Cheers
Info: Your chat transcript will be sent to at the end of your chat.
Nadjecks: Any time :) I hope you have a good day! /wave

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